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    I began to photograph in 2002.
    And I studied Pure photograph from Sangmyeong graduate school.

    Photograph can tell the future, but the record of the past.
    Conscious and unconscious memories of the past become pieces of the image
    and are expressed in the photo.
    Photographic work can heal the wounds of life I have lived.
    I am not one to show someone a photographic work.
    So far, I have been working to get a photographic work for myself heal.

  • Curriculum Vitae

    LEE Jeongsu
    Solo exhibition
            2013.    After df Babel, The K Gallery, Seoul

    Group exhibition
            2014.    Viewing The world, Gangneung Museum of Art, Gangneung
            2013.    To be Seen, Mirror Gallery, Beijing
            2012.    dissonance, Gallery Lux, Seoul
            2011.    Seoul Photo Festival Photoreview, Seoul
            2005.    Park(public), Seoul Olympic Art Museum, Seoul

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     E-mail: ds2gyw@naver.com

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